Elite Tech Bike Fit
On-Bike Fit Process

The Feet

Bike Fit Feet
  • Ascending Technique: Starting with feet and working up
  • Proper tools(Wedges, lifts, cleat screws, foot beds, extras of everything)
  • Cleat in line with strike pad
  • Proper arch support(footbed)
  • Stabilized in shoe
  • Rotation of cleat for torsion
  • Feedback from the rider

Back End

Bike Fit Back End
  • Saddle Height & For / Aft done together
  • Reference to flexibility / Length of femur / Athletic goals of rider as well as riding style
  • Fine tuning on cleats after saddle height & For / Aft is acquired(for appropriate Q factor, leg alignment – wedging internally or externally, and minimizing knee wobble
  • Feedback from the rider

The Saddle

Bike Fit Saddle
  • Issues must be addressed – Private medical questions
  • Physical involvement in assessment of tuberosity on rider’s saddle
  • Questions of saddle comfort and pressure / relief along with friction (proper chamois!)
  • Continually throughout fit ask about how saddle feels as position changes (Nose up/nose down)
  • Feedback from the rider


Bike Fit Framing
  • Create an “A” frame with rider(to be sitting on skeletal system)
  • Cockpit positioning is dependent on desired shoulder and hip angle
  • Reference to flexibility/Core strength / for / aft / Athletic goals of rider/tipping point as well as riding style
  • Correct pad width in conjunction with shoulder width allows deep breaths and better airflow around rider
  • Feedback from the rider

Fine Tuning

Bike Fit Fine Tuning
  • Extensions added for natural hand position
  • Adjusting twist of Pads, aerobars, and bullhorns
  • Regardless if the numbers are perfect, the rider must be happy & comfortable
  • Feedback from the rider


David Greenfield is certified with the following:

Slowtwitch Fit Institute
Bike Fit
Serotta International Cycling Institute
Fit Kit