Elite Tech Bike Fit
Pre-Bike Fit Process

The Interview

Bike Fit Interview
  • Athletic History
  • Medical History
  • Course of treatment for current issues
  • Goals – Physically & Competitively
  • Current life of athlete (work and training)

The Explanation

Bike Fit Explanation
  • Explanation of fit being a personal experience
  • You onto you within your personal abilities
  • Building safe, balanced, and controllable machine under rider
  • Spine Neutrality and its movement for/aft
  • Proprioception
  • Engagement of muscular system though entire kinetic chain
  • Importance of stabilizers
  • Importance of true core(proper exercises to reach these muscles)
  • Functional Movement

Body Measurements

Bike Fit Body Measurements
  • Full measuring of body before bike introduced
  • Head start on proper sizing for frame, components & geometry needs
  • Component sizing dependent on rider, not machine

Testing & Assessments

Bike Fit Testing and Assessments
  • Full body muscular flexibility
  • Muscular stabilizers and engagement
  • Pelvic Obliquities addressed
  • Natural walk and neutral foot
  • Torsion (Femoral vs Tibial)
  • Range of Motion


David Greenfield is certified with the following:

Slowtwitch Fit Institute
Bike Fit
Serotta International Cycling Institute
Fit Kit