Elite Athletes
Many people choose to drive, some choose to take the train while other choose to just sit down. Here is a list of people who prefer to ride their Elite Bicycles instead and we think they look good doing it.

Elite Triathlete Athletes

Justin Andrews - Razor Carbon
Carrie Andrews - Razor Carbon
Scott Ashman - Razor Carbon
Carla Cue - T-Class
Rick Fesler - Razor, Vier
Chris Ganter - Razor
Alania Gurski - T-Cass
Laurie Hug - T-Class, Joule
Ryan Jones - T-Class
Adeline Khoo - Razor, Joule Pro Carbon
Natalie King - T-Class
Trevor King - Aurora
Mike Marsteller - Razor
Eric Mundy - Razor Carbon
Steph Muth - T-Class
Ben Rawson - Razor
Krista Schultz - Razor Carbon
Scoogie Snyder - Razor
Todd Stackhouse - Razor
Jason Watson - Razor Carbon
Daphne Wee - Razor, Joule Pro Carbon

Elite Road Athletes

Joe Hamilton - Category 2
Keith Hatton - Category 3
Ed Krynski - Masters
Rich Leibfried - Masters
Jim Maino - Masters
Bob Moskal - Masters; Current Pennsylvania Masters BAR Champion
Tom Nagy - Masters
John Paproski - Masters