Elite Bicycles Transportation Information
Transport Information
Transport Info
Elite Bicycles takes pride in the fact that we are always there for our family.

We typically travel to around 10-15 races a year, nationwide, to offer tech and moral support free to all Elite owners. We will be working on your rides during the day (we only take breaks to ride our own steeds) and having dinner with you and yours in the evening. We will be at the bar with you a little too late. We will be there in transition on race day morning to tune your bikes, calm your nerves, and scream our lungs out for you.

In addition to providing support, we also have a service to transport your bike(s) to any race that we are going to. The way it works is this: drop your bike off before the trip, pick it up from us for transition, have a great race, and then forget about it until you get home. We take all bikes in before a race and do complete overhauls to make sure everything is working in perfect harmony when your moment arrives. Meet up with us at the race site (we are very accessible!) and drop your bike at transition. Once you have dropped it off and start your run, we are there to take it out of transition and bring it back home. Once we get back to Philly all bikes get another complete overhaul so that you can start training again after a bit of recovery.

The cost of this service to Elite owners is $399.99.

Bring your friends! We also offer all of the same service to non-Elite owners for $449.99.