Elite Disc

Elite Disc

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The Elite disc is made for flat out speed. If you're serious about burning up the road, this is the wheel to help ignite your ride. This all carbon composite disc wheel is constructed with a honeycomb core, making it an extremely lightweight, stiff, high performance rear wheel. As for aerodynamics, disc wheels have always been tested and proven to be the fastest wheels in the race of truth. Engineered by Zipp, they are manufactured completely flat, only 19mm in total cross section to present an extremely small frontal area. Hand laid unidirectional carbon skins are cured to a honeycomb core. Cured utilizing aerospace composite manufacturing methodology, the resulting product is unsurpassed in lateral stiffness and responsiveness. Perimeter rim mass is less than 85g, resulting in a quickness of acceleration that is significantly better than virtually any conventional wheel while the low overall weight puts this disc in a class all its own. The disc wheel is available in 912g 650c tubular or 988g 700c tubular. Decals custom matched to your current bike.

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