Elite Reviews

Customer Testimonial IV

July 31, 2009
Dear David,

I came back from a fast 40-mile ride tonight and am
enjoying the bike more and more. The bike handles like an Italian sports

Fit - It is amazing what a bike built and fit for you
can mean to performance and comfort. I spend all of my time in the
aero position even with just 300 miles on the bike. Like it was made
just for me!

Handling- Amazing. I can be in the drops, spot debris
in the road, and quickly avoid it with just a good hip motion. The bike
is responsive but not twitchy. I was as comfortable in the aero position as
on the brake hoods going down the road to Keen during IMUSA. Nothing like
screaming down the road at 44 mph.

Ride - The ride is so smooth I can' t tell the difference
between my Dean Titanium and the Elite with regard to road shock. Some
transmission of the road when I hit fairly big ruts but totally acceptable
with the power output I get from the frame.

Bottom Bracket Flex- The 180 lb hammer test was
successful. While I nearly ripped the chain off the chain ring, I felt a perfect
power transfer. The bike allows me to transfer
the power from my quads to the wheels and not the bottom bracket. I'm a happy
masher now.

Wow factor - How many people can say the have a custom
built bike, delivered in two weeks before a big race and had the final fit
onsite at Ironman. The bike has so much wow factor that I am riding harder to
justify riding the bike. I've decided that my road bike will need to have
Elite on the top tube, and then I will be doubly motivated to
hammer. :) The colors are great and it is a true attention getter.

Again, Thanks for making the process so much fun.

Charleston, SC