Elite Reviews

Customer Testimonial II

March 11, 2009

I came back from getting a fitting this weekend and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to Dave and his folks at Elite. He and I talked about proper exercises and measurements for a few hours before even getting on the bike. I was all set to purchase a custom ride from him, but he insisted that he could make my current bike work. After a few more hours on the trainer, he and I came up with a fit on my bike that worked! Additionally, his gave my bike a complete overhaul, adjusted the cleats on my shoe, spotted potential problems with my bike, and fixed them withour any extra charges. He even offered to send one of his guys to get cheesesteaks for the Mrs. and me, gave me his cell phone number in case I needed sightseeing destinations, gave my wife a visor for being so patient, and invited me to a party one of the guys was throwing that night (I'm not kidding). Furthermore, he called yesterday and followed up on the fit and the exercises he taught me.

I've been the bike shops that just want to sell you stuff and bike shops that want to build a relationship with you. Elite Bikes is the latter.