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Slowtwitch Review IV

July 31, 2009
I have the 5th T6 made...serial number 0005. To this day David will bend over backwards for me...and I haven't bought anything from him in 4 years! He loves what he does and he is fantastic at it. After racing for one season after David's expert fit and being very comfortable on the bike, I got suckered into a "new and improved" bike fit...not only one, but I went through 3 bike fits with people that claimed they knew what they where doing...with each new fit I would gain new problems and pains that never existed before, and worst of all my run times were increasing due to the fact that I was not fresh coming off the bike. Finally, after too many aches and pains I went back to David. He could not believe what these other fit gurus did. He spent over an hour with me, did not charge me a penny....and I swear ALL of my aches and pains and injuries went away within 10 days. Not only am I stating this to get the point across that he is a fantastic fitter, but he cares about his customers...even if I purchased the bike almost 4 years ago.
When you buy an Elite, you buy a whole lot more than just a bike.
Cheers to David for demonstrating to everyone just how a bike company should be run.
I will always ride an Elite.