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Slowtwitch Review III

July 31, 2009
I can't say enough about ELITE Bicycles and the founder of ELITE Bicycles. YOU WILL SIMPLY NOT get a better quality product with a better fit, and the level of customer care and PERSONAL attention to detail than an ELITE.

If we were simply comparing features and price, ELITE wins, hands down.. Take ANY hand made, truly FULL Dura Ace bike (******* is not a full Dura Ace bike -- uses off brand brakes, etc), and you will find the ELITE to be equal to or less than $$. Dave doesn't skimp on the less visible components like the others. You'll get a seatpost and stem and tires, and wheels and headset commensurate with Dura Ace. Now add a TRULY personal fit by an expert -- and we're not talking about moving the saddle and stem here and there, we're talking about cutting and welding frame material to fit YOUR body geometry -- now how much would you pay? OK, so add an unmatched commitment to your personal satisfaction.. not just a week or two after you buy, we're talking lifetime here. How much is that worth to you?

I put 5000 miles on my Elite Razor last year. I moved from deeply mid-packer to top 10% of my age group. Is it because my new bike is so freak'n fast? Yeah, partially. Or perhaps it is because riding is now a pure joy to me. One thing is for sure, my 10k times in an Oly Tri are now inside of a minute off my stand-alone 10k times. Why is that? Because my bike FITS and I can run off the bike without the dead-legs you get from ill-fitting bikes.

The last thing I will tell you is that I am a deeply obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive, A-type. (Typical triathlete -- right?). I also happen to be trained as an engineer and I fly helicopters in the US Army. Why tell you this? I researched bike choices and options HARD for many months before choosing ELITE. There are MANY MANY great bikes out there, but I contend there are very few who provide the total package that you get in an Elite. Call me, e-mail me, I will tell you more!

Tom Fugate