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July 31, 2009

I purchased a T-Class from you via the Triathlon Academy in August. I saw you down at IM Florida - actually you yelled when you saw the Elite toward the end of the bike (remember the rain). Anyway, wanted to thank you for building such a quality ride. I have been riding a ******* for the last four years. Have done all 4 Lake Placid IM's and 3 Kona's on it and this was my first IM on a 76 degree ride. I was anxious to see what my run would look like off the bike. I was very pleased. I averaged 21.75, which for me is really good and was able to run a 3:22 (my pr off the bike is 3:18 at LP in 2001), but then again, that was after a 20.6mph ride and you saw the rain when we were running at FLA.

The thing that set this ride apart was the comfort level. It was the best I have ever felt in an IM getting off of the bike. I finished 78th and 6th in my age group and got a slot to go back to Kona and the Elite is definitely going. I also can not wait to see how much faster I ride the LP course in July on a 76 degree bike. Thanks again for your design. Let me know what I can do to promote your quality product.

Rick Brokaw