Elite Reviews

Customer Testimonial VII

July 31, 2009
Dear David,

Thank you very much for Elite's and your fabulous support leading up to and during the Florida Ironman Triathlon. Your professionalism, experience, and knowledge were incredibly useful to my friends and myself.
Although I was disappointed with my race, I have to say my Elite "Razor" Bicycle was awesome. Up to mile 60 I was averaging a personal best for any race I have ever competed at 21.0 miles per hour. After mile 60 the ocean water I consumed caught up with me, nausea and cramping set in for the rest of the race. The bicycle was comfortable, fast, and sliced through the warm Florida air with a vengeance. To my pleasant surprise I had no lower back tightness during T2, which indicates how well you fitted the bicycle. I strongly recommend to all my friends and those athletes I speak with, to consider an Elite frame for their triathlon bicycle.
On a personal note, I feel I have let you down by my performance and I have to admit I am ready to train very hard this winter to prove to myself and others, that I can be competitive in my next Ironman. If you have any advice or criticisms I am more than willing to listen.
I look forward to my next big race in June at the Eagleman Half Ironman. This past year my time was 5:57, because of my new bicycle and the motivation from my disappointing performance at the Ironman; I will improve my time to 5:00 hours.

Jay Dozier