Elite Reviews

Customer Testimonial VI

July 31, 2009
Dear David,

I'm starting the drive for lovely Ann Arbor tomorrow,
but wanted to write a true thanks for the attention you
gave me & the cervelo last weekend before I left. It
was so nice & so unnecessary. Usually my fiance
travels with me as my one man cheering & pit crew but
he was opening a show last weekend--and your being
there to help & cheer was really great.

Incidentally, went through your web site and am
impressed with your bikes--where was your company when
I was looking for my tri bike? I was telling a friend
about how you helped me with the tires & whatnot & he
said, "Oooooh. Elite Bicycles--those swanky custom made
frames. How nice."

It's a real testament to your company that you're out
there at races, checking on your athletes & bikes--and
even helping those like me who are more finishers than
competitors. When it's time to replace my road bike,
I'll give you a holler--and I'll send out your
company's name to those I train with in Texas.

Anne Bowers