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Customer Testimonial

March 10, 2009
Think about it this way. When you buy an Elite, you become a member of their family. You receive FREE service for the life of the bike from their shop in Philly. You receive FREE service from them at any race they go to in the USA. If you call them or email them you receive a response within ten minutes. You get to discuss the build, design, and parts of your new bike with the people who make it. Say you are going to race IM Lake Placid in July and then do Florida the following year. Dave will build the bike so that it can be refit to accommodate a hilly or flat course. THEY WILL TELL YOU IF YOU DON'T NEED CUSTOM. In other words, they will make
less money to put you on the correct bike. If stock works best, they let you know.

Elite is a bike company that is in it for the riders. I once saw Dave and Richie spend two hours with a guy at Eagleman fixing his Kestrel Airfoil because it fell off of his car on the way to the race. Richie called a local bike shop that just happened to have an old quill stem. He then spent two hours re-cabling and tuning up the bike, while putting together an entire new front end. Why the new front end? Dave gave the guy an optimal fit when Richie was finished. There are hundreds of stories like this that no one ever hears about. What other bike companies are doing this for their riders? Someone pointed out that your could get a full carbon **** for $4100. Will the mechanics at **** personally tune up your bike for you before your next Ironman? Will they help you ship your bike overseas if need be. Many posts on this board mention *******. Does ******* care if your head tube angle is off by a degree which causes you to have toe overlap while turning. Will any other company care if you should have a 90mm stem, but the LBS you get the bike from puts on a 110? No! But Elite does.

You can go with another company and maybe save $500. But, ask yourself what thats worth if the Elite you buy will last you the next 8-10 years. You can go wrong with other bikes, but you can never go wrong with an Elite.