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Drexel Triathlete and Elite Bicycles rider Kevin Trainer Wins Northeast Collegiate Conference Championship

October 5, 2010
Drexel triathlete and Elite Bicycles rider Kevin Trainer finished 3rd in this weekend's conference final to take the overall points championship in the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference.

Kevin has posted some sensational results this season, and his hard work has paid off with the capture of this title.

Facing off against 25 collegiate tri teams and over 350 athletes, Kevin's 3rd place finish propelled him to the overall point championship by nearly 200 points.

Here is what Kevin had to say about the race...

"I went into the race feeling good, albeit a bit fatigued. This was my 3rd race in 4 weeks, and with school in full swing, I had many early mornings and late nights. But all my workouts were spot on, and I had a lot of confidence from my previous two wins. My coach and fellow ELITE athlete, Chris Ganter, always gets me in a good frame of mind. "Just do you job, just do your job", he tells me.

The race began damn early, with us in the uber-choppy water at 6:35. Moments later, and without warning, the gun blew. Initial confusion quickly led to mass hysteria, and before I knew it, I was 10 meters behind. From there I swam my own race and exited the water about 2 minutes down in 15th place- not ideal but OK. I hopped onto my 2 week old ELITE Razor in pursuit of the lead. One West Point guy came by me about half way through, but I couldn't find the next gear. My bike leg was average, and I arrived in T2 in 5th place about 3 minutes down on the lead. At this point, I was a bit frustrated with my bike leg, as 3 minutes is a lot of ground to make-up in a 5k. I went out on the run knowing that I had to push the first mile, hoping that catching some athletes would encourage me to push on. I caught 4th and 3rd about 1 mile in, and could see 2nd about 400 meters ahead. I tried and tried and tried to close the gap, but it was coming back too slowly. At the tape, I was a mere 9 seconds off second and another 30s off the win. While I wish I could have been a bit higher on the podium, I very happy with how I raced. I've come to realize that races almost never go to plan, and the true test is how the athlete reacts to adverse situations. For me, my swim and bike did not go as planned, but I ran possessed, never giving up. I ran hard to the line. At this point, I very much looking forward to some down time before off-season training picks back up.

My offseason mantra: "I will be a front pack swimmer...I will be a front pack swimmer....I will be a front pack swimmer" :)

Big Thanks to David, Max, Ryan, Kieth, and the rest of the Elite crew for their continued support, and to Coach Chris for his tireless dedication. See y'all at Nationals!!"

Congratulations to Kevin and all of the Drexel triathletes on an outstanding season!

Check out their website here Drexel Triathlon Team for more info!