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Margie Shapiro Podiums at First Race of the Year

January 14, 2010
January 10th, 2010. Vina del Mar Chile, approximately 50 miles northeast of the capital city of Santiago. The stage has been set for the 2010 Vi√?¬Īa del Mar ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup. . American and Elite Bicycle sponsored factory athlete Margie Shapiro entered the water with an international field of professional women all hungry for the early season win. Margie exited the water in tenth place with two women just seconds ahead of her, two women seconds behind her, and a pack of seven a little more than a minute ahead of them. On to the highly technical bike course Margie made quick time on the pack of four she left T1 with, and was moving steadily toward to lead pack of seven a 1:10 up the road. Then suddenly Margie found herself alone on the ground at the apex of one of the 180-degree turnarounds. Sadly Margie also dropped her chain during the fall, causing her to lose the extra time needed for the chase pack to catch her. Margie would then make several attempts to drop this newly attached pack, but unfortunately they were determined to not come unglued from her wheel or assist her in any of the work to catch back up to the lead pack. Into T2 Margie had made up most of the time on the lead pack despite her 30-second delay due to the fall and mechanical that ensued. However, the pack she carried with her also possessed some other strong runners who were tactically saving their legs by hanging on her wheel. Running has always been strength for Margie and this race was no different. Margie was able to make some additional big time gains with her swift feet carrying her to the second fastest time of the day, beaten by only nine seconds by one of the women she thanklessly carried around the bike course. Full results can be found at triathlon.org Also please feel free to visit Margie√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs home page http://www.margieshapiro.com/

Margie will be putting her skills to the test again this upcoming weekend January 17th at the 2010 La Paz ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup in Argentina. For additional information please see the race web site http://www.trialapaz.com/ (warning the web site is only presented in Spanish).

Good luck Margie we all believe in you!