All is going very well here at Elite Bicycles – we are on the cusp of some exciting new advancements in production and expansion.  We will keep you all abreast of the changes as they happen, so make sure to check back with us in the near future.

The holidays are soon upon us so now is the time to think about and order your Elite Bicycles gift ideas.Here are some things we offer that make great gifts to loved ones and friends.

Fittings -  Let us educate your friend or loved one on achieving their goals & ultimately building a position that maximizes power, comfort, & handling.

Overhauls – Let us break down, chemically clean and rebuild your friend or loved one’s speed machine. We are also happy to install new cables, housing, and bar tape for that good as new, fresh off the showroom look and feel.

Race Wheels – Best bang for the buck for someone looking to buy speed on race day.  Aero carbon fiber race wheels, custom built & decaled, proprietary Elite/Zipp engineered rims w/ ceramic bearings, White Industries, Chris King, or power meter hubs.

Wheel Bags – Protect and carry  race wheels in a stylish and functional bag that will keep extra wheels safe and easier to store.  Can be used for both training and or race wheels.

Ceramic BB by Rotor – Smooth and efficient bearings where it counts the most.  We can replace any Shimano or Sram bottom bracket with this highly proficient aftermarket component.  Most likely the best $220 one can ever spend to upgrade a speed machine.

New Bike! – We are happy to build a new rig for your friend or loved one. It may be tough to have the right final fit done and ready under the tree, but we will certainly do our best, and of course welcome them in to make everything perfect.

We willy gladly  help anyone come up with a nice gift within a budget that will work well and be awesome for the recipient.  Feel free to give us a call if there is something that interests you!

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