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I am writing to inform everyone of the current status here at Elite Bicycles. I am getting wind of a lot of rumors and hearsay, and I want to clear some things up.

Let me start by apologizing to everyone who is awaiting a bicycle. Please bear with us as we are going through a transitional time right now. I promise you that we are working very hard in an effort to get all of your bicycles back as soon as possible. We understand everyone’s eagerness and frustration, and I can assure you that the past few months have been equally (if not more) frustrating for us. That being said, we are turning the corner, and wheels are in motion here at Elite that will change a lot of things for the better.  We are also working on a system to improve upon our communication, both internally, and with you, the client.

I have been struggling with the proper way to make the following announcement, and it is very difficult. Richie Cortez is no longer an employee of Elite Bicycles. He has been an integral part of Elite Bicycles for many years, but the time has come for us to go our separate ways. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors, and we are sure that he will find success by any path he chooses. We do not feel it is appropriate to share the details of this matter, and we hope that you respect our position. Further, we wish to assure everyone that the mechanical capabilities of our shop will not be diminished by this loss. Max and Keith were both personally trained by Richie, and are more than capable of handling any mechanical problem.

There is much going on here that is so positive,  and so progressive, and if I were at the liberty to share all of it with you I would in a heartbeat. We are taking drastic steps to advance this company, and you all will see the results very soon. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot say anything further. Please remember the years you have shared with us, and the relationships we have built, and have faith in us!

If you have any inquiries please direct them to myself or keith@elitebicycles.com and remember, patience is a virtue! Thank you all for your understanding.


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