4 time Olympian and Gold Medalist Sheila Taormina will be visits Singapore. (18th October – 24th October)

Sheila is the first woman to have qualified for the Olympics in three different sports – Swimming, Triathlon and Modern Pentathlon.

Sheila Taormina and her original, 1st generation custom razor

She has a Gold Medal for swimming at the 1996 Olympics.

While being an Elite Bicycle factory sponsored athlete, Sheila qualified for both the 2000 Summer Olympics, and well as the 2004 Summer Olympics.

In 2004, she was crowned ITU Triathlon World Champion. Before moving on to win the ITU Aquathlon World Championship in 2005.

Sheila made Olympic history by qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Games in Modern Pentathlon, making her the first woman to have qualified for the Olympics in 3 different sports

Modern Pentathlon consists of 5 different events, all held in one day. It is actually based on skills that a courier would need to deliver a message during wartime. It starts with Shooting, Fencing, Swimming, Riding (a horse) and finally, Running.

In “Call the Suit”, learn about Fluid Dynamics and Theories of Propulsion. Develop the Freestyle swim technique used by the fastest swimmers worldwide!

Sheila will be conducting both private and group, swimming and triathlon clinics for interested athletes of every level.

Over 1 million kids have held Sheila’s Gold medal to date. During her inspirational and motivational talks, kids are taught to love themselves, and their body. She highlights that they can come in any shape, size or social economical upbringing but all of them are truly special. Each and every one of them has the ability to achieve anything that they put their heart and mind to.

Sheila was, after all the smallest swimmer to win Olympic Gold since 1920.

Interested schools and corporate companies can grasp this once in a lifetime opportunity.






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“Sheila, Just a quick note to tell you of yesterday’s pool fun. I’m an average swimmer at the IM distance (1:50/100) and have never been able to consistently swim under 1:40/100 in practice. And I’m a convicted over-glider and haven’t been able to figure out how that overweight guy in the next lane consistently can be so “non-aero” and still swim away from me. So yesterday, fresh from re-reading the middle chapters, I go to the pool.
Head down, early vertical forearm, forget the “swim through the eye of the needle” and glide, and PULL. 1:35/100. Then 1:30. After 10-15, there was a 1:25/100! Could only do 100 at a time, and my shoulders knew something was new, but there you go. Ordered bench and tubing. This is a new path and looks like a lot of work, but should be the ticket to where I need to be for next season (IM Lake Placid and IM Wisconsin).”

-Steve, Wichita, Kansas

“I love your new swimming book!  My stroke/pull have improved tremendously in less than a month!  Many thanks Sheila!”

-Denise, Maryland


YOUR BOOK is FABULOUS! By far the best book out there about swimming.

I love the picture towards the back of the book with you and Allison standing back to back.”

-Ashley Whitney, 1996 Olympic swimming gold medalist

“Hi Sheila:

I have started giving out the books and it’s fun to watch people flip through the pages and comment on how beautiful it is. I know it’s going to help many people. It certainly has helped me. I participated in the Calgary Half Ironman last Sunday. My swim time was 4 and a half 
minutes faster than any of my previous races!  I was thrilled coming-out of the water. I am still slow, but this margin of improvement was 
significant.  Thanks to you and your book!”

-Rolf, Nashville, Tennessee

“Sheila, I just wanted to drop you a quick note on the follow-up clinic you gave at Milford High School.  I was so excited to get back to the pool after that clinic to see how this would work.

All I can say is WOW!  The first timed 100-yard timed swim, I saw and an instant 10-second drop from my average 100′s this year.  At my second swim practice, I had my first sub 3:00 minute – 200 Yard ever.

All I can tell you is WOW.  You have totally made swimming so much more fun and that is changing my mindset of me as an athlete.  Thank you so much for taking the time to come visit our Masters Team.  I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to see that I am capable of being a better athlete. Working out is so much more fun!

Thank you for sharing this secret with the world of swimmers and triathlete.”

-Jeffrey, Milford, Michigan

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