Today we are happy to have Missy Wakefield with us for her second of six full days of biomechanical bicycle positioning immersion.  Today’s lesson is primarily focused around the pelvic cradle and how it moves and reacts in concert with functional movement and integration on the bike.  Luckily I have Max with me to fill in while I eat my lunch and update the world on our day.  Thanks Maxi, you know that I believe by forcing you to instruct and explain some of the subtle nuances of fit you become more powerful as a man and as a fitter.

Missy is no newbie to fit. She has studied with some of the leading instructors available, including Michael Sylvester, the guys at Fit Kit, and one of my personal heroes, Paraic McGlynn of SICI Serotta school fame.  We are proud that Missy chose us for her next stop in continuing education in bicycle positioning. My goal with Missy is to help her understand fitting from a more organic and functional movement mentality that she can then integrate into her evolving protocol with set ranges of numeric calibration. Thus far I am happy to say that she is starting to “get” the big picture and is re-learning how to look at things and make assessments without the guides of numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the numbers and I do my best to be true to them for each individual’s abilities and ambitions. So, yes, we are still taking all numbers that follow the three R’s  (Repeatable, Reliable, and Record-able), however please note that in binary math 1+ 1 does not equal 2 since 2 does not exist. I know this is an obscure example, but I’m just trying to convey that sometimes a riders place in space may be correct for them even if the “numbers” don’t add up to conventional thought. In conclusion I guess the easiest way to say it is, IMHO, if you can first and foremost be true to the natural movement of the human animal you will never go wrong with bike fit.

If you live in the Bel Air, Maryland area and are interested in improving your bicycle position and working with a great lady, please look no further than Missy at Bike Fit Solutions LLC.  http://www.bikefitsolutions.com

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  1. I live in Bel Air, MD and all I want for Christmas is a shiny, black Joule pro to park my keister on for the winter. But it’s great to know we’ve got an Elite-endorsed fitter in our back yard.

  2. David, Max, Keith & Ryan are four of the most knowlegeable and humble guy’s I’ve met. Thank you!

    When I first met David I had been dreaming of becoming a Bike Fitter for several years. With no shop behind me I never thought it possible. After the first time I met him I knew it was possible. What I have learned thus far from David and the crew is something I would never have learned from a book or school environment. This is truly teaching not only the science of bike fit, but also the art. David has opened a door for me that I might not have had otherwise. I can only hope that after I complete thousands of fits that I have the same touch that David has.