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Only two days left until we leave for Ironman Lake Placid! We had Mark Levy in earlier today for a little fit check and tune up – its been awhile since we’ve seen Mark, so its nice to have him back in. Amy O’Neill was also by with her purple T-Class for a little cleat adjustment and check up. Amy is developing a lot as a cyclist, and its about time for her to get a little more aggressive. Big ups to Amy!

At the suggestion of local Elite Bicycle athlete and law enforcement officer extraordinaire Gwen Phillips, we will be starting something a little new to incorporate into our blog. Once a month or so we will featuring an age group Elite athlete as our “Elite Bicycles Rider of the Month”. We will do a little interview and offer some consideration towards the athlete’s next purchase. Feel free to comment here if you think this is something you’d be interested in! I will likely be doing a little poll on our forum as well. I’m not sure how we are going to work out the selection process yet, but I will keep you guys posted.


Rest day on le Tour today, so no new theres. I have a ton to say about yesterday’s stage, but no time for now. I will keep it at a brief congratulations to ALBERTO CONTADOR (aka world’s greatest cyclist) on his maillot jaune. Woooooo!

Phillies are on top of an 8 game win streak and don’t look to be slowing anytime soon. Tonight’s victims are the cubs. Sorry Chicago!

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  1. Yes, Ryan, I am a sexy Police Officer and don’t you forget it! ;)

  2. I’m game.

  3. Thanks Max for all your help today it was a pleasure working with you! As always Richie she looks all clean- you are the best

  4. She may be a ‘sexy police officer’ according to Ryan, but she is also an awesome friend too. You’ll do great next month, Gwen!

  5. How does one get to qualify as a sexy cop?