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Another busy day here in the shop. Lt. Col. Tom Impellitteri has a few hot spots that we’re checking out, and he brought his big dog Spike to hang out as well. Spike is recovering from getting hit by a car, so get well soon Spike!

Tom Sibson is coming in this afternoon with his Elite Bicycles T-Class to get a few tweaks before making his debut at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this fall – congratulations to Tom again on what will undoubtedly be an awesome trip.

Lou and Larry Otremba are coming by this afternoon for some tweaks as well. They came in to get fit on their custom Lynskeys last week and hung some new components on them so we’re doubling checking. Hopefully someday we will have these boys on their very own custom Elite Razor Carbons and Joule Pros.

Meeting with Jared (our exceptionally talented web designer) and working on our all new paint page (thank Max when it is all done!) rounds out another exciting Thursday.

Safe wishes to Keith, who is driving across country moving his brother from San Diego to the mid-Atlantic.

Countdown to the holiday weekend has begun. BBQing at Jared’s and Phillies game on Saturday! Happy Birthday America!

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  1. GO Phillies

  2. My client, Tom Impellitterri, is making his Ironman debut at Lake Placid in a few weeks. Go Tom, go! Semper Fi.