A little later than usual today, we had a biz meeting earlier and I didn’t have a chance to sit down here. Plus Max & Richie are teaching me how to be a mechanic so thats taking some time too. They don’t know that I’m learning all of this in an effort to slowly phase them out. Please do not tell them.

Marc Oleynick (Tri-Dawgs, represent) came by with his Elite T-Class for a few, as did Todd Stackhouse with his Elite Razor. Todd will be one of many Elite riders up in Rhode Island for the Ironman RI 70.3 – best of luck to everyone! Todd said he is going to win.

We’ve got an Elite newbie named Noah in for a bicycle fitting today. He is apparently a friend of Jay Gantz and Alex Ochman. Sorry for your misfortune there Noah.

Our new bff Tom Kramer came in for a couple adjustments today, and to help us out with a few other non-bike related things. Thanks for your help Tom!


I haven’t written a lot about the Tour de France  yet other than mention a congratulations to Mark Cavendish on his stage wins. Part of the reason for this is that Lance Armstrong was hundredths of a second out of the maillot jaune and I was nervous because he is a jerk and I don’t want him to have it.

I feel okay talking about it now because he is 8 seconds back and (more importantly) behind Contador in the GC. Nocentini made a great effort to be in yellow today, but certainly it will not last.

I have seen people complaining about AC bridging up and saying that he did it for selfish reasons. These people may have not heard Lance Armstrong say that “the roads will decide the leader of Astana”*.

That is ridiculous. Is that statement not selfish? Lance Armstrong WAS RETIRED FOR FOUR YEARS. How do you have the balls to come back to cycling and try to claim the spot of team leader? This is not a question of talent (because Lance is exceptionally talented) but more of respect to his teammates (read: Contador).

Alberto Contador is the 5th cyclist in history to win all three Grand Tours. The other four are Jacques Anquetil, Felice Gimondi, Bernard Hinault, and Eddy Merckx (greatest cyclist in history). Lance Armstrong is not among these cyclists. I don’t mean to take away from his 7 consecutive TdF wins, but this accomplishment is clearly dissimilar from that of the 5 riders mentioned above.

It is beyond my comprehension that the question of Astana’s leadership is even up for discussion. LA is riding much better than most of us expected, and I will grant him that, but AC is the best cyclsit in the world, and deserves to be treated us such by his teammates.

I have work to do and cannot comment on this further at the moment, but feel free to comment and agree with me!

*paraphrase, I can’t find the exact quote.


Big ups to everyone who voted for Shane over the past week – we’ve now got 4 players in the all-star game, which is awesome. Good work everyone! I’m proud of you.

And breaking news – mets outfield Carlos Beltran has been placed on the DL and Jayson Werth will be taking his place at the all-star game. This marks the first time in 14 years that one team has had its entire outfield selected for the all-star game!


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  1. I agree that Lance can be a real jerk but I like what his return has done for the popularity of the sport. Plus, it adds another interesting factor to the TdF that, as long as he stays up front, will have people asking if can it be done.

  2. Oh I don’t disagree with you there Mike. Cycling as a whole could use a rejuvenation in light of all of the doping charges, and its great to see widespread coverage of the sport – not to mention the fact that an American cyclist performing well in Europe is good for our industry no matter how you slice it.

    That being said, I have a cartoon that I cut out of a cycling magazine during the Giro d’Italia and it depicts a bike mechanic sitting in front of a computer and his screen reads “LANCE LANCE LANCE LANCE LANCE ” about 15 times and another mechanic asks him “so who’s winning the Giro?” and of course the initial mechanic’s answer is “I can’t tell”. I’m just done with Lance mania forever. Its too much, and I feel that that it detracts from every other rider in the peloton. At this point he should be a domestique for Astana and he should be busting his ass for Contador day in and day out. He and his comeback have done so much to raise awareness for cancer, and I applaud him for that, but as far as cycling is concerned I think its time for him to be a teammate and keep it at that.

    I feel what you’re saying though Mike, and thank you for the input.

  3. Armstrong is back as a wild card and the team will treat him as such. If you watch the race Contador attacked like a chicken on Lance & Levi. They were setting the pace when he attacked. That, my friend, is the true mark of a “jerk”. You attack your opponents not your teammates. Contador is selfish, sucking wind ALL the time. Did you see the TTT? Who was driving the pace? Lance. Who benefitted? Contador. Bottom line is the 4 teammates have 1 job, work for the other 4 and ANY of them should have equal chance depending on the race situation. Difference is when Lance jumped to 2nd it was said that the break was ’caused’ by Contador himself who didn’t want to bridge the gap. Bottom line is he’s a wheel sucker-not a leader. Sure he climbs great but lets see him LEAD-meaning set the pace, attack the leaders, drive the TTT. And finally let’s see him in 11 years come back and do this all over again. I think there is NO DOUBT who is a leader, maybe not the eventual winner of this years race, but DEFINITELY a LEADER. Contador has yet to be World Champion also.

  4. I’m digging this blog. I’ve been known to blog back in the day :) Anyway, I think the Lance comeback is amazing. Ryan, I agree with you to a certain extent. However, to take a 4 yr hiatus and get back to the fitness he is at is simply incredible. I think he deserves to be in contention for the win. Lance is not a washed up comeback hero. He is there where he used to be. I don’t know Lance personally so I won’t comment on how I feel about him because I don’t know him. However, I do have respect for the guy. He gets things done because of his personality and drive. And for some people this is a turnoff. It’s all opinion. I hope Lance wins it.