Welcome to the winter edition of Healthy Sports, the newsletter from our office. This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date on the latest issues in sports medicine, fitness, and healthy living. The winter newsletter is designed to keep you motivated and moving during the cold winter months. At the top of this newsletter, there are two courses to look at. The 13th Annual Sports Medicine for the Young Athlete is designed for health professionals who deal with athletic teens and is held at Cornell Medical School on February 26th. Multisport World NYC is the combination of our Amazing Evening of Triathlon and the Multisport program previously held at the JCC. This is going to be the ultimate, blowout day of multisport education, fun, and networking and will be held at Columbia University on Saturday, March 12th.

Enjoy the newsletter and I hope to see you all in the park or at one of our programs.

Upcoming Events

13th Annual Sports Medicine for the Young Athlete Conference: February 26, 2011, 8AM-4PM

The Nation’s longest running, best attended seminar on health and safety for young athletes, designed for those who work with athletic kids and teens and covers both orthopedic and medical topics. This is an incredible day of learning.

Program highlights this year include: An opening keynote address from Dr. Thomas Farley, the NYC Commissioner of Health on encouraging fitness in an urban landscape, a session on current diagnosis and treatment of adolescent concussion, and a screening of the ESPN documentary Muhammed and Larry with post film Q/A from the film’s producer at ESPN.

Click here for the Brochure or for Registration

Multisport World NYC: March 12, 2011, 8AM-4PM

Are you a triathlete? Are you a runner? Are you interested in Multisport? Do you want to take part in the biggest, baddest, most fun and educational blowout day of learning and good vibes that NYC has ever seen? If so…you are gonna LOVE Multisport World NYC on March 12, 2011 at Columbia University’s Dodge Fitness Center.

We have joined forces with Mark Walter of Sun Multisport Events to bring both an amazing day of learning and a killer expo with over 50 vendors, a huge exhibition space, and more than 2,000 area triathletes and runners.

Highlights of the day include:

1) 10 minute lectures and in depth seminars on almost every topic under the sun including race foods, body maintenance tips, run, bike, and swim technique lectures, and updates in sports medicine and fitness from area experts

2) Huge expo with products, demos, cooking demonstrations, coaches, clubs, and race directors

3) A computrainer station where you can bring your bikes shoes and shorts and race against friends (and enemies) and also win prize money! Can you post the best time over 10k?

4) More than 25 speakers including coaches, medical experts, nutritionists, and gear specialists

5) Entry to the expo and the general sessions is free and open to the public. All you gotta do is register at the bottom of this section. We expect a huge crowd so make sure to register early (and have your friends do the same if they want to come).

6) There are paid clinics as well for those who want more in depth teaching on specific subjects such as swim technique, run technique, and first time triathlete tips.

7) The lectures will be filmed by Triathlete magazine and a webcast will be available worldwide.

8) There will also be the usual number of totally random trivia questions and factoids that, if answered correctly, will yield awesome prizes.

9) In the words of my grandmother, “be there or else you won’t be there!” This will be an amazing day! Entry is free and open to the public, but you need to register. As someone who gets my newsletter, you get this information several days before the general public so if you want to come, this will give you a head start. We’ll close registration at 2,500 people.

Here’s a link to the main site: http://www.multisportworld.com/NYC.htm

Athlete of the Month

We get many entries each month for the athlete of the month. We love all of the pictures and stories. In fact, all of the photos that you send us end up in the digital frame in our office. We see you all every day. Please keep ‘em coming! We’d love for you to send one or two of your favorite photos to Meghan( macalpinem@hss.edu ) in our office. I don’t care what the sport or your age, just send us your pictures and we’ll put ‘em up! Race photos, sports photos, whatever you want is fine with me.

As for the athletes of the month, we’re still looking for your stories. I don’t care if you are first place or last place, as long as you are trying! Send us your story with a photo and you too can be the athlete of the month. Please send your photo and entry to Meghan ( macalpinem@hss.edu ) in my office.

William Sherrill: Our Athlete of the Month Little William Sherrill, a New York City kid from Buckley school, is playing big time division one basketball. Little Willy, who once hurt his ankle and I carried him onto the exam table, is now 6’9” and the sixth man for the University of Virginia basketball team. How did he get so big? Anyhow, we’re totally proud of William. Well mannered and a really nice kid, he’s doing great in college and enjoying his senior season. Keep up the good work Willy!

Get off The Couch: Inactivity is Harmful, Even with Trips to the Gym

Are you serious? Even if I workout, time on the couch is a bad thing? Maybe not always, but there are some concerns. Have a read below and see what you think.


Want to Make Your Kids Smarter? Get em’ Doing Cardiovascular Exercise

This is a scientific article for all you science geeks out there from pub med. The issue: does regular exercise affect brain function and potentially affect brain size in developing adolescents? Have a look and see what you think.


Massage Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep

Who doesn’t love a good massage? If you’re looking for more ammunition to justify your massage habit, this article should help.


The Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast

A frequent topic of discussion- what are the pros and cons of exercising before breakfast? This interesting discussion examines this question. Do you think you want to change your habits in 2011? What you read here might make you consider it.


Recipe of the Month: Chicken Soup With Lemon and Bulgur

For all of our Northeast readers, it’s cold and nasty out there. How about some hot chicken soup? This recipe sounds awesome to me- Chicken Soup With Lemon and Bulgur. If you have recipe suggestions, please send ‘em over!


That’s all for this newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it! If you’ve been forwarded this newsletter and want to sign up yourself, just register for our website, www.drjordanmetzl.com and you’ll get the next one.

Keep moving and have fun!

Dr Jordan Metzl

Dr Jordan Metzl


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