So the hot news here in Philadelphia is the confirmation of Michael Vick (yes the same Mike Vick from ATL that got into a tremendous (and rightfully so) amount of trouble for fighting dogs against their will. As I said on the Elite Bicycles forum conversation http://www.elitebicycles.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=197 Vick is a very good and versatile player, and hopefully good for the team. I personally believe he can provide much more support and component than just being a back up QB. The sportscasters at last nights game said “He will not be ready to play until November”. That said he has not hit or taken a hit for more than two years so it may take him some time to get back into the speed, intensity, and physical impact of the game on a Sunday afternoon. It will be nice to have him in a few years when number 5 Donavan McNabb is ready to get out of the game. Not to mention our offense strategy is perfect for Vick to move around and out of the pocket for a long run down field. Do not be surprised if they use him in the backfield, or special teams for this first season. He could make for a great flea flicker play, or any trick play for that matter. Personally I am excited to see what he and the organization will do with him in the years to come. Follow this link if you wish to view the 2009/2010 Eagles football schedule http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/gameday/schedule.html

Just to be clear, I am a dog lover and there has never been a better one than my dear departed Magaly moo (Magnus). However, the man did spend more time in prison and more fines than anyone in the history of dog abuse cases. Lets hope he is fully repentant and understands the severity of his crimes.

As for last night’s game, all I can say is penalties received by our special teams were the true downfall of what turned into a very close game. I am glad it is still preseason and these games do not really matter. A.J played like a man who knew there was another backup QB on the squad, and truly stepped up and brought the game to the New England Patriots. If our first string offensive line was in the game during the Eagles final possession we would not have had the collapse of the line on the left side and the kick would have been good for three (3) points and the Eagles would have been victorious.

No worries either way, like I said this is still preseason and the bugs are getting washed away with the wave of a new season upon us.

If you are a true (the ends justify the means) Eagles fan you are most likely very pleased to hear about this new acquisition. If you are a local animal activist, you are most likely ready to scream at my former employer Jeffery Lurie for this despicable act of indifference to Michael’s crimes against mans best friend.

Also as an FYI since I have known Jeffery and his family for a long time. They have owned four (4) dogs, including a Wheaton terrier named Wrigley who was a nice dog and a good friend to my Magnus.


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