Enve Wheels & Components are now available in our Philadelphia location.

Enve Composites

Enve Composites

After a very successful year as the leading Asian distributor of Enve wheels and components in our Singapore location of Elite Bicycles, Our Philadelphia World headquarters would like to announce the full availability of all Enve products from this location as well for 2011 and beyond.  I have been more than pleased with the quality, look, and performance of their entire range of products. I have been riding the 1.65 tubular rims on DT 190 hubs for over a year now and have been very happy with all that they have to offer.

Enve (formerly Edge Composites), like Elite Bicycles, is an American based company. Enve is proudly located in Ogden, Utah. Much like us here at Elite Bicycles, Enve is also committed to American design, engineering, and manufacturing.  Enve is also the carbon tube manufacturing choice for Elite Bicycles, the quality and performance value is easy to see and feel on our full line of custom Joule Pro Carbon, Razor Carbon, and Cafe Carbon frames.

ENVE, by their definition is: “The burning desire to get to or create the perfect solution. As we all realize this is an unobtainable goal as the world around us consistently changes, we intend to pursue and even ENVE the final destination.  Every product that bears the ENVE name are the result of this burning passion. Each rim, wheel, and component is designed with form, functionality, and beauty in mind. It is Our Culture, it is Our Goal and it will always be our Way.

Enve is the product of choice for many of the top ranked individual cyclists in the world, including four-time World Champion Brian Lopez, who was the recent winner of the California/Nevada District State Championship Cyclocross race in Glendale, California. Enve is also a proud supporter of one of our countries top domestic professional cycling teams, The United Health Care Pro Cycling team featuring such riders as Chris Baldwin, Rory Sutherland, and Bradley White.

Brian Lopez on his way to State CX win

The Enve line of  road wheels ranges from the ultra light 25′s (a 250 gram rim that is a dream for any climber – 1.25 tubular rim). Like all Enve production wheels the 25′s can be built with any hub you choose, however DT Swiss and Chris King hubs are preferred. The workhorse of the Enve wheel line up is the 45′s. Light, aero, and built for everyday riding or for that special day of racing when any little edge is the envy of all on the starting line. The 45′s are available in three models: 45 clincher, 1.45 tubular (ultralight), and 2.45 tubular (standard). Finally we come to the big boy in the line up, still very light and definitely the biggest wind cheater of the bunch, the 65′s. Not only are these wheels my personal choice, but they are the wheel to beat in any TT or triathlon application.

Enve is also no stranger to the needs of the off road community either. There are two style of mountain wheels available and both have several options to choose from. Like all Enve wheels the hub choice is yours, though as stated earlier DT Swiss and Chris King are preferred. First up to bat is the Mountain XC – light, stiff, durable and has the pedigree for racing you would want in this high class rim. The Mountain XC is available in both clincher and tubby in either 26″ or 29″ sizes. Then there is the big boy, the Mountain AM. The rim of the AM is specifically shaped to handle the demands of aggressive trails and riding where the hits, travel. and tires are bigger. It starts with a wider 28mm stance to better support larger tires and minimize the roll, thus delivering superior stability and tracking in technical terrain. Available as a clincher rim in both 26″ and 29″ sizing.

The main thing that sets ENVE wheels above all others is that they have a patented process where they mold in the spoke holes. All other manufacturers drill the spoke holes which weakens the surrounding area. Carbon fiber gets its strength from running continuous, not broken fibers. Routing the fibers around the hole effectively increases the strength of the area around the spoke hole, thus allowing them to build a higher tensioned wheel.  A stronger spoke hole also reduces the possibility of spoke pull through. A conical surface is molded into the inside of the rim to optimize the interface with the pillar nipple. This allows the spoke to articulate as it exits the spoke hole, ensuring that it won’t bind on the rim, greatly reducing the possibility of spoke breakage.

Since all tooling is machined in-house to extremely tight tolerances, ENVE’s proprietary molding process can incorporate extreme pressure in the tooling. This creates a flat, round part straight out of the mold, and further, the raised braking surface is then machined to eliminate any irregularities.

Finally, Enve does not have to “reinforce” any areas in the part to account for drilling. That, along with the high pressure molding, yields an incredibly light and strong rim – an altogether superior quality product that delivers everything you could possibly expect from a top of the line, pro level race wheel.

United Heath Care Pro Cycling Team Wheels

United Heath Care Pro Cycling Team Wheels

When it comes to components, Enve Composites has it all dialed in. The drop road bars are light, clean, and very well thought out with an added features like recessed dual cable routing and integrated bar end plugs not found on any other bar. Ultra light weight at 199 grams and very durable in all sizes available.  At 120 grams, the four bolt face plate matching stem is hard to pass over, an elegant and stiff compartment to its cockpit partner,  and available in all the sizes you would ever need. Finally, when it comes to sex appeal look no further than the corresponding seat post to finish the compete look.  This one piece molded design is as light at 190 grams and durable as all other Enve Composite products with ample fore/aft adjustment and infinite angle adjustments.

Off road and Cafe bike riders are not left out of the loop, Enve also produces a fabulous line of mountain bars as well. In the mix is a riser, sweep, and downhill bar, all built with performance, style, and grace in mind without extra weight. 175 grams for the sweep and only 5 grams more for the risers.  I am personally excited to get a riser bar, stem, and post to finish off the the look and feel for my favorite bike I ride, my daily commute on my Custom Cafe Carbon MTB will be like a dream come true.

Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have about Enve products and how they can improve your life and riding enjoyment.  If you would like to make an order for any Enve product we are more than happy to make that happen for you, I am sure their products will never disappoint.

This post was written by: DGG

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