January 15, 2010. Philadelphia PA Elite Bicycles Inc. is proud to announce its partnership for sales and service with Cyclesoles of Bend, OR. Cyclesoles are a new revolutionary system of foot bed technology for the most discerning cyclist.

Elite Bicycles will be launching this partnership with a visit from Cyclesoles president Scott Peterson, C. Ped, CO on the 29th and 30th of January. All interested parties please secure an appointment ASAP as we feel slots will fill up quickly.

Cyclesoles is the brainchild of Scott Peterson, an ABC certified orthotist and pedorthist. He is a second-generation pedorthist, and has been servicing patients’ needs in the medical field, as well as the needs of amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes for over 23 years.

At the heart of the Cyclesoles system is the fully custom moldable foot bed. Made from an amazing, new to the cycling industry, ultra-light thermo-moldable material and topped with renewable bamboo fabric (optional), the Cyclesoles foot bed can be formed to fit and correct any shape foot at an amazingly low weight of 17 grams or less.

Unique to the foot bed is the “Power Plus Platform” with enhanced ergonomic arch support, which is a key component in creating the forward distribution of power on the bike by providing additional support to the mid (metatarsal) arch of the foot.

It is Cyclesoles new on-bike molding platform that makes the system revolutionary and unique. Cycling differs from most endurance sports as it does not require a natural gait or runner’s positioning.

Cycling is unique in how the body transmits power to the pedal to create forward motion on the bike. This is where we feel the Cyclesoles on-bike molding system has a functional advantage over anything on the market today. By molding the Cyclesoles custom foot bed in the power position while on the bike, the power transfer from the leg into the foot is greatly improved.

By using the knee alignment wand in conjunction with the talonavicular correction guide, we are able to obtain proper knee alignment and structurally stabilize the foot, which will transfer more forward power to the spindle. The Cyclesoles molding system ensures that the custom insole is molded to both the maximal power output and in the biomechanically correct position.

One of the biggest benefits to the Cyclesoles system is that you leave with your fully customized insoles that day. In two hours time your insoles are molded to your foot on the fit platform, the Power Plus Platform is added to increase the support through the heel and mid arch, and the insole is shaped and honed to fit your shoe. No other system offers such customization in such a short period of time.

Manufacturer suggested retail price for a set of Cyclesoles custom insoles is $199.99. This price includes the molding of the product using the patent pending Cyclesoles system and finish work (grinding, honing, fitting) by a certified Cyclesoles Foot Technician. Elite Bicycles will also be offering a semi custom version for the considerable savings price of $60.

As stated earlier, the Cyclesoles launch will take place at Elite Bicycles world headquarters on January 29th and 30th 2010 with Cyclesoles president Scott Peterson, C. Ped, CO leading our foot bed production team.  Please call or email ryan@elitebicycles.com ASAP to set up your appointment on either day with creator Scott Peterson and the Elite team for your next step in technology with guaranteed gains in comfort and speed. For more information on Cyclesoles please visit www.Cyclesoles.com

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