Sheila Taormina Races Off the Front to ITU WC Win

Elite Bicycles lifetime sponsored athlete and Gold Medalist Sheila Taormina has recently completed her first book -  a fabulous training manual on freestyle swim technique.  Written by the smallest swimmer to win Olympic gold since the 1920 Olympics, this book is designed to help and improve all aspects of ones stroke and overall speed.  “Call the Suit“  is a comprehensive book  that studies and creates  diagnostic information for the reader that is easy to absorb, understand, and apply to one’s own swimming style.

In this first-of-its-kind book,  Sheila Taormina explains and describes all of the facets that create propulsion, feel for the water, and the critical components of a proper freestyle swim stroke that is utilized by the fastest swimmers in the world.

This new guide on how to maximize swim technique can be extremely beneficial and appropriate for all swimmers and coaches, from beginners through national level elite swimmers (and triathletes) by helping to create improvements in swim time and efficiency.  The overall gains for a triathlete in particular can be very substantial.  The more efficient a swimmer is the less energy they use, thus allowing for greater strength and endurance for the two events to follow in a triathlon.

“Call the Suit” is as aesthetically pleasing as it is informative and educational. Through the book the reader will find the most crisp, clear, and fascinating underwater photos ever taken of  some of the best swimmers in the world from the 1960’s through to Beijing 2008.

As for the name of the book, “Call the Suit” may not jump out at you unless you are familiar with the popular Midwest card game, Euchre. The play on words and allegory this represents comes from when Sheila teaches a new player on how to succeed in the game of Euchre or swimming.  Sheila will tell her student to “Look at the hand you have been dealt” (who you are or the cards you have) “Be Bold” (by setting the tempo of the swim or calling the next card suit to be played next), and “Make the choice that is best for you and who you are”.

Elite Bicycles has worked with Sheila Taormina for many years, starting in the late 90′s when we created her first custom ITU triathlon style bike.  Sheila was able to successfully ride this bike to a USA National championship title and a top ten finish in the Sydney Olympics, a mere 18 months after she entered the sport of professional triathlon.

Sheila Taormina posed with her first ITU style Elite triathlon bicycle

Sheila Taormina has enjoyed many sporting successes in life that include but are not limited to:

  • The only woman to compete in three different sports in different Olympiads
  • USAT Lifetime Hall of Fame
  • 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, Modern Pentathlon, 19th place overall (1st place in two of the five events: swimming (Pentathlon World record ) and equestrian show jumping)
  • 2004 Olympic Games, Athens, Triathlon, 23rd place
  • 2004 ITU World Champion, Triathlon
  • 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, Triathlon, 6th place
  • 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, Swimming, Gold medal in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay

In addition to promoting her new, soon-to-be best selling self-help book on proper swim technique, Sheila continues to  conduct swimming clinics worldwide for any and all interested parties, as well as continuing her work as a highly acclaimed motivational speaker for schools, businesses, and community organizations. Sheila also enjoys and finds comfort volunteering extensively within her community and has partnered with two national non-profit organizations to support their missions.

All in all I personally feel that Sheila Taormina is not only one of the greatest athletes of our century, she is also one of the greatest personalities and persons I have been fortunate enough to meet. I have great pride and am honored to have Sheila as an ambassador for Elite Bicycles;  however I value the ability to call her my friend even more.  She is truly an inspiration, and a model of hard work, determination, and selfless Christian values.

PLEASE run, do not walk, to purchase her new book by following this link:

Call the Suit: Develop the Freestyle Swim Technique Used by the Fastest Swimmers in the World

Please feel free to watch this inspirational and heart warming video montage of  highlights and accomplishments from  Sheila Taormina’s star-studded professional athletic career.  Sheila Taormina

For additional information about all that is Sheila Taormina please see her new web site http://www.sheilat.com

Gold Medal, Wiz Wit, and Sheila Taormina at Pat's Steaks in Philadelphia.

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