Sorry we have been so slack in updating this, things have been mad around here. We have a ton going on and its an exciting time. But I digress…

Welcome to the September 10th Elite Bicycles bike of the week! This edition features Karen Smith’s brand new Elite Razor Carbon triathlon bike.

Czech it out…


This bike is so dope. Pictured with our own Elite Bicycles aero race wheels, you are looking at a Full custom frame, Dura Ace 7900 build kit, Zipp Vuka aerobar, white carbon cages, and a ridiculous paint job.

Reflecting Karen’s Australian heritage, the paint scheme features a custom mask of a kangaroo on the seat mast, and replacing our typical Elite 5 stars on the seat tube and head tube is the Southern Cross from the Australian flag.


A rust orange that shimmers in the light and some crazy intricate masking top off this one of a kind design.


So fresh. So clean.

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  1. Wowee!! You can’t help doing brilliantly in the upcoming comps with something like this outfit for the bike leg!! Go the kanga and stars!!

  2. WOW I love it!!!!!!

  3. Karen is going to look so fast on this bike the competitors probably won’t we even get off the start when they see it and her!

  4. Bad ass, great looking bike elite crew

  5. Dave you’re a genius – couldn’t be happier or more excited about my bike. It looks great and rides even better. Love your work :-)