Elite Sponsored Athlete Lynley Alison Wins IM CDA

“The Perfect Fit begins with an understanding of the athlete’s ambitions and abilities in order to educate them on achieving their goals and ultimately building a position that maximizes power, comfort, and handling without losing the bike’s ability to evolve with the rider.”

All fittings begin with the Pre-Fit interview, which is designed to gain a full understanding of the client’s athletic, physical, and medical history, this will provide a good head start in the determination of any physiological challenges, physical limitations, or neurological muscular patterns that may need to be addressed during exertion and pre-exhaustion. Physical and competitive goals, body image, lifestyle habits and personal anatomy also play a VERY important role to discern the appropriate starting point in an evolving biomechanically friendly position for each individual rider. Everyone is a “snowflake”.

The interview is followed by a full justification of our philosophy and protocol. We have proudly named our proprietary procedure “Biomechanical Bicycle Positioning” (BBP). We continue the conversation with a digestible explanation of pertinent information; including but not limited to several interactive demonstrations of muscular recruitment patterns, proprioception, true core and the effects of the twists within bones.