second wind running and Triathlon team


Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit the Philippines, and have the opportunity to work with one of the islands more prestigious Triathlon teams, Second Wind. The name comes from the name of their title sponsor, Second Wind Running Store, The first running specialty store in the Philippines for runners, by runners. provider of shoes, apparels, and community involvement with the running scene in the Philippines. This team also benefits from and helps to support the media and marketing campaign for their primary sponsor Sun Broadband, a telecommunication company and internet provider for the islands.

Team member-Chin, can be seen here in one of Sun Broadband larger scale promotion.


Second wind team member, Chin on bike in Sun Broadband add


It was a real pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of athletics and peopleĀ  of such great morale character. Since the time of the bicycle fitting, team members have been able to enjoy and reap the rewards of their new Biomechanical Body Position (BBP). All members who I have spoken with since their bike fit session, have all commented and raved about their new found gains. I am happy to say that I found these results to be typical of whom I worked with and continuously reassuring myself that I am not a fraud. Ha Ha Ha