Ideal Saddle Modification (ISM) Company Logo

As we all know, Ideal Saddle Modification, or ISM for short, the makers of the Adamo line of  saddles is by far the fastest growing bicycle seat for aftermarket and OE (original equipment) sales in the Road, Tri, and MTB, markets worldwide. ISMer can be found on the podium of most professional triathlon events worldwide and are steadily making gains in the professional cycling ranks as well. Celebrities and media personalities are also drawn to the added comfort that can only be provided by an ISM saddle. The Adamo has been written about and praised by everyone from the Triathlon and cycling media to the New York Times. The ISM logo can be found on the side of race cars, in most Triathlon and Cycling publications, and on the rider next to you on your next group ride.

The ISM saddle has been medically proven to be the healthiest choice, and recently endorsed by the New York Times as one of  the only style saddle that should be used.