Welcome to the spring edition of Healthy Sports, the newsletter that we send out four times a year to try and keep you updated on current trends, thoughts, programs, and other cool stuff in the world of sports medicine and fitness.

Athletes of the Month

We get many entries each month for the athlete of the month. We love all of the pictures and stories. In fact, all of the photos that you send us end up in the digital frame in our office. We see you all every day. Please keep ‘em coming!  We’d love for you to send one or two of your favorite photos to Meghan in our office. I don’t care what the sport or your age, just send us your pictures and we’ll put ‘em up! Race photos, sports photos, whatever you want is fine with me.

As for the athletes of the month, we’re still looking for your stories. I don’t care if you are first place or last place, as long as you are trying!  Send us your story with a photo and you too can be the athlete of the month. Please send your photo and entry to Meghan in my office.